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Cisco NX-OS Services (Nexus 9k)

With Cisco NX-OS software, we can help optimize your Nexus deployment for maximum performance and efficiency. We have the experience and expertise to get the job done right, and our customer service is second to none. When you work with Business Technology Architects, you can expect:

  • A focus on speed, quality, and proficiency
  • Expertise in Cisco Nexus technology
  • A commitment to customer service excellence

If you’re ready to take your Nexus deployment to the next level, contact us today, and let us show you what we can do. We’ll make sure your Nexus experience is S.I.M.P.L.E., efficient, and hassle-free.

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Cisco NX-OS Services by BTA

As a company with 35+ years in the industry, we’re committed to providing swift and high-quality service to our clients. Our team is composed of certified and highly trained individuals who have years of experience in the field, ensuring that your business achieves its security goals. Business Technology Architects (BTA) is a certified partner of Cisco, so we’re well-equipped to help you implement their products. Enhance your security today by collaborating with us at Business Technology Architects.

Cisco NX-OS Services by BTA

Stage 1: Understanding Cisco NX-OS

Business Technology Architects is committed to helping our clients understand Cisco Nexus technology. Our first step is to help you get up to speed on Cisco NX-OS to take advantage of all its features and benefits. With our world-class training and support, we can help you make the most of your Nexus deployment.

Cisco NX-OS Services, Cisco NX-OS Product Overview

Cisco NX-OS Product Overview

NX-OS has many features that make it an attractive choice for data center deployments, including:


Cisco NX-OS supports multiple protocols and technologies, making it a good choice for heterogeneous environments.


Cisco NX-OS is designed for high availability and can be deployed in redundant architectures.


Cisco Nexus switches can be scaled to meet the needs of large data center deployments.


Cisco NX-OS supports advanced security features such as role-based access control and secure shell (SSH) access.

Cisco NX-OS is a powerful and flexible network operating system used in various data center deployments. When considering a Nexus deployment, working with a company with expertise in Cisco Nexus technology is crucial. Business Technology Architects has the experience and expertise to help you deploy Nexus switches in your data center.

Cisco NX-OS Training

Business Technology Architects offers comprehensive Cisco NX-OS training, from the fundamental to expert level. Our training is focused on design, integration, deployment, and configuration. We can help you with Nexus switches in your data center, regardless of your experience level. If you’re new to Cisco Nexus technology, our fundamental-level Nexus training will teach you the basics of Nexus switch configuration and operation. You’ll learn about features such as VLANs, trunks, and port channels.

You’ll also learn how to troubleshoot common Nexus problems. Our expert-level Nexus training is designed for experienced network engineers who want to learn advanced NX-OS features and configurations. You’ll learn about topics such as Nexus virtualization, FabricPath, and OTV.

You’ll also get hands-on experience with Nexus configuration and troubleshooting. No matter what your Nexus training needs, Business Technology Architects can help. We offer a variety of Nexus training courses, both online and in-person. Contact us today to learn more about our Nexus training offerings.

Cisco NX-OS Training

Stage 2: Deploying Cisco NX-OS

After you’ve completed Cisco NX-OS training, you’re ready to deploy Nexus switches in your data center. Business Technology Architects can help you with every step of your Nexus deployment, from design to implementation to troubleshooting.

Our team of Cisco-certified engineers has extensive experience deploying Nexus switches in various data center environments. We can help you deploy Nexus switches in a way that meets your specific needs and requirements.

Cisco NX-OS Cloud Adoption

As your business grows, you may find that your data center can no longer meet your needs. You may need to migrate to a new data center, or you may decide to adopt a cloud computing model. Cisco NX-OS can help you with either of these choices. Cisco NX-OS cloud adoption is designed for high availability, security, and scalability. It can be used in private, public, and hybrid cloud deployments. When considering moving to the cloud, working with a company with experience in Cisco NX-OS deployments is vital.

Business Technology Architects has the expertise you need to make your cloud adoption project a success. We can help you with every stage of your cloud adoption, from planning to implementation. We’ll work with you to assess your existing applications and infrastructure and determine the best approach for your new cloud deployment. We can also help you migrate your workloads to the cloud and provide training and support to ensure a smooth transition. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with Cisco NX-OS cloud adoption.

Cisco NX-OS Cloud Adoption
Cisco NX-OS Deployment & Implementation

Cisco NX-OS Deployment & Implementation

Once you’ve decided to deploy Cisco NX-OS in your data center, the next step is to implement it. Business Technology Architects can help you with every step of the Cisco NX-OS deployment process, including post-deployment support. Some of the services we offer include:

High-Level Design

We can help you map your existing data center infrastructure to a Cisco NX-OS deployment. This will ensure that your data center is configured correctly and that all applications and services are compatible with Cisco NX-OS.


We will work with you to create comprehensive configuration and automation requirements. This will ensure that your Cisco NX-OS implementation is configured correctly and that all automation scripts are adequately tested.


We offer comprehensive testing services to ensure your Cisco NX-OS deployment is fully operational before launch. This includes functional testing, performance testing, and security testing.


We offer post-deployment support to help you with any problems that may arise after your Cisco NX-OS deployment. This includes troubleshooting, software updates, and security patches.

If you’re ready to deploy Cisco NX-OS in your data center, contact Business Technology Architects today. We can help you plan, configure, and implement your Cisco NX-OS deployment.

Stage 3: Optimizing & Maintaining Cisco NX-OS

After you’ve deployed Cisco NX-OS in your data center, it’s essential to keep it running smoothly. Business Technology Architects can help you with a variety of Nexus optimization and maintenance services.

Cisco NX-OS Advisory Services

Our Cisco NX-OS advisory services are designed to provide you with expert guidance and support, custom-tailored to your individual business needs and goals. Our team of architects, analysts, and developers — all of whom hold nearly 20 Cisco certifications — will work with you to review your existing practices and identify opportunities for improvement. We’ll then develop a roadmap for operational alignment with NX-OS and provide tactics and strategies for mitigating risks. In short, we’ll serve as your mentors, providing you with the answers you need, the direction you want, and access to our library of custom reports and scripts.

Cisco NX-OS Advisory Services
Cisco NX-OS Optimization

Cisco NX-OS Optimization

Cisco NX-OS offers many powerful features and optimization potential for businesses. Our team of analysts and developers can help you take full advantage of your software and improve your business procedures. We offer comprehensive evaluations with automated tools to highlight areas that need improvement. We’ll work with you to identify areas for remediation and optimize your NX-OS software to its fullest potential. We can automate and streamline development procedures and policies according to your business needs.

We aim to ensure that you’re utilizing your NX-OS to its full potential and adopting new features and functionality as they become available. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you optimize your Cisco NX-OS software.

Cisco NX-OS Performance Assessment

As technology advances, so do the threats to networks and data. You must proactively protect your investment to keep your business ahead of the curve. Business Technology Architects comprehensively evaluates all Cisco NX-OS platforms, designed to detect processes and policies that may be causing vulnerabilities. Our team of experts will identify inefficiencies and deliver actionable insights for improvement, ensuring that your environment is fully enabled for resiliency and high availability. With our proven approach, you can be confident that your business is running at peak efficiency and security. Contact BTA for a Cisco NX-OS performance assessment today.

Cisco NX-OS Performance Assessments

Work with Business Technology Architects for Cisco NX-OS Services

Business Technology Architects has the experience and expertise to help you plan, deploy, and optimize your Cisco NX-OS software. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to give you the guidance and support you need at every stage of your journey. Our team of experts can help you navigate the complexities of Cisco NX-OS and ensure that your data center runs at peak efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you make the most of your Cisco NX-OS investment.

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