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Technology Performance Assessments & Technology Health Checks 

BTA provides a wide variety of technology performance assessment and evaluation checks aimed at auditing your business’s technological workflow, with the goal of identifying areas where efficiency can be improved.

These technology health checks can be as simple or as in-depth as you need them to be. Some businesses may only need a few minor changes to achieve an ideal workflow, while some might require a comprehensive overhaul at the foundational level.

Our architects use proven techniques to quickly identify current pain points and inefficiencies, as well as areas that have the potential to cause future issues. We also take pride in staying on top of new and developing technology and techniques to help our clients get every advantage over their competition.

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Technology Performance Assessments

At BTA, we succeed when you succeed, and our team of industry experts and experienced professionals have years of experience implementing results-oriented fixes for real-world problems.

Technology Performance Assessment - BTA

Purpose of Technology Performance Assessments

There are a variety of reasons to undergo a technology performance assessment and of course, the most common one is to diagnose or resolve an ongoing issue. However, even if there isn’t a major issue holding you back, there are still great benefits to having a professional assessment done. 

For example, in an age where costly data breaches are commonplace even among Fortune 500 companies, it’s important to protect yourself as well as your customers by following current best practices regarding security as well as Cisco recommendations. Similarly, some businesses may have additional assessment and evaluation requirements and regular performance assessments may be required for compliance, depending on your industry. 

And of course, in terms of general efficiency, there are always new and improving technologies out there to take advantage of to give yourself every edge possible against your competition and to provide the best service to your customers.

Consequences of Neglecting Data Center or Network Performance

Aside from required compliance issues, the most common—and most critical—consequence of failing to take care of network or data center health is downtime. Fortunately, being proactive about technology health checks and validating procedures helps prevent this. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. Addressing potential issues before they cause real-world problems is unquestionably good business practice and is certainly the most effective way to handle your IT workflow. Constant monitoring and assessment of your technology infrastructure assessment is critical to avoid downtime and the lost revenue it brings with it.

Consequences of Neglecting Data Center or Network Performance

BTA Technology Performance Assessments

BTA Infrastructure Technology Performance Assessment Process

BTA Technology Performance Assessment Process

Our assessment process is designed to be as simple and frustration-free as possible for our clients. The assessment begins with an initial data gathering package that is used to run scripts to capture a backup of existing data, as well as to look at live data as it is generated and added to your system.

This information is then pulled into a custom tool that helps us analyze information handling, data flow, and output. This is a holistic way of looking at a technology workflow to identify areas that need to be restructured.

The final deliverable you receive will then include a best practice checklist, recommendations based on our analysis of your data workflow, a light training assessment, and custom-tailored solutions to help prevent downtime and data center blackouts, all in an easily-digestible report.

Infrastructure Performance Assessment Use Cases

A professional infrastructure performance assessments can help with a variety of operational issues. For example, personnel transitions, mergers, and new acquisitions of infrastructure can create major disruptions if run books and operational procedures aren’t available and well-documented. Integrations like this are a great opportunity to take stock and identify any potential issues.

Failing to perform assessments regularly can lead to building architecture on an unstable foundation, which can lead to the need for a more involved (and expensive) rework down the road. Regular evaluations of best practices and procedures eliminate the risk of needing a major rebuild of key systems later.

An assessment can also be used to create documentation for managing new or existing systems to make it easier for your current personnel to run things. Complex policies that are difficult to troubleshoot can become overwhelming if they aren’t pruned back and streamlined from time to time.

Finally, infrastructure performance assessments can be great at identifying opportunities for automation. Our technology architects can assist with implementing new procedures to automate a range of processes.

Technology Performance Assessment Use Cases

Network & Data Center Platform Technologies

BTA provides high level and intricate level performance assessments for a variety of brands and platforms. Our niche lies with the following technologies. 

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  • Cisco Nexus 9k

The Cisco Nexus 9000 is an advanced data center switch that supports Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) or the NX-OS depending on your needs and is handled by the APIC or Nexus Dashboard. Cisco’s ACI system can easily scale up and down depending on your organizational needs, and the automated infrastructure system allows for easy adjustments and increased flexibility.

  • Cisco NX-OS

Cisco’s NX-OS is the operating system for all Nexus series ethernet switches and MDS-series fiber channel storage area network switches. It is the evolution of the older SAN-OS system and is designed for scalability and uninterrupted data center operations. Cisco NX-OS supports multiple protocols and technologies, making it a good choice for heterogeneous environments.

  • Cisco ACI

Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) is a centralized policy architecture that greatly simplifies data center operation and management. It features support for hybrid environments and utilizes flexible application protocols, which makes it a very attractive solution for organizations with both on-premises and cloud-based data center systems.

  • Nexus Dashboard

  • SDN & SD-WAN

  • Cisco UCS/Intersight

Cisco’s Nexus Dashboard is a simplified and intuitive data center management tool that gives managers complete control of all the physical and virtual components of a data center. The Nexus Dashboard leverages advanced automation components in a simple and intuitive way. Nexus Dashboard offers a highly scalable NaaS model that can serve as a command center for monitoring your network and cloud environments.

Software-defined networks (SDN) allow for full control of a network through a software interface and require no additional hardware or equipment to function, unlike a traditional network setup which of course requires quite a bit of physical infrastructure. The SDN is responsible for all data handling and network processes and allows for the creation of various different types of networks with different user-defined functionality built in.

Cisco's Unified Computing System gives data center managers and operators greater control over data center operations and increased visibility of individual processes. It provides a central management console that simplifies data center infrastructure control so all processes can be run from a single interface, identifying active users on hosts, finding out what data is stored, and monitoring the network connections. 

  • CSW (Tetration)

  • Cisco MDS

  • Cloud

The Cisco Secure Workload is a machine learning-based protocol that was designed to safeguard server workloads and the vital data within them. It provides for fast East-West segmentation between the data center and cloud environments without the need to implement physical firewalls or increase system complexity. It is multi-cloud enabled and equipped with a zero trust model.

The MDS data center platform offers non-stop operation, a flexible data center fabric, and unmatched scalability. This system is ideal for companies that expect growth and need a platform that can grow with them. These storage switches are adaptable and offer multiservice, multiprotocol performance with fault-tolerance and redundancy for cloud, multicloud, and physical infrastructure. 

Cloud technology is a rapidly evolving landscape and a vital one to modern businesses looking to stay competitive. This makes it important to seize all possible benefits and leverage new technology whenever possible. Our experts can advise you on which solutions make the most sense for your business, and which ones you should prioritize.

Why Choose BTA for Technology Performance Assessments

BTA provides a top-down overview of your current data workflow, as well as a detailed summary of how things can be improved through better infrastructure, updated policies, and additional training in key areas. Our goal is to help every client adopt new strategies to make their organization more flexible and efficient in a rapidly-evolving market. We help define use cases for data flows and implement foundational procedures and policies to ensure streamlined growth in the future. Our expert assessments, advisory and optimization services, and full management provisions are a great option for any business looking to improve its technological ROI and fluency. 

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Consulting & Advisory Service

Our consultant team is ready to help you navigate the trials of data migration, and guide your organization through the transition to a cloud-based infrastructure. BTA will then take on an advisory role to help manage policy after your workload has been migrated to the cloud. We take a holistic approach to the strategy of this transition, helping you to plan, execute, and validate a migration strategy that meets all of your organization’s needs.

Consulting & Advisory Service
Optimization & Managed Services

Optimization & Managed Services

Integrating new technology into your existing business can be an arduous and time-consuming process. We understand this and offer our clients managed services that offload the management of new technologies from your team, freeing them up to pursue other initiatives.

Our dedicated team of developers, managers, and analysts can ensure your business is taking full advantage of your existing technology infrastructure while also identifying key areas for improvement. We provide in-depth evaluations through automated tools that quickly identify ways to increase efficiency.

We’ll then work closely with your personnel to remediate any identified issues and provide solutions to avoid future problems before they have a meaningful impact on productivity.

Does Your Cisco Data Center Need A Health Check?

Datacenter networks are complex. Over time configuration and software changes put performance and security at risk. Join us for a conversation with BTA CEO Ken Fee, and learn how our Cisco Nexus 9000 data center assessment can optimize your network. And Cisco is sponsoring the assessments, which means no charge for existing Cisco customers! In this video, we will cover:

  • An overview of the BTA data center assessment
  • Consequences of out-of-date or misconfigured networks
  • What you get in the assessment and report, including an introduction to Cisco Nexus Dashboard
  • Anonymized findings from an assessment BTA performed

Why BTA?

BTA's architects have the experience of hundreds of advanced technology deployments, as well as the customer business experience, that enables them to recommend the right best practice changes and configurations that will deliver the business value you need.

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