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This Cisco ACI troubleshooting training course is designed for Network Engineers who need to know how to operate and troubleshoot Data Center Network Infrastructure running Cisco ACI. This course will cover material from an operations perspective, discussing best practices, caveats and common issues. This Course is also known as (DCACIO) Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure Operations and Troubleshooting.

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Incorporating the latest software, hardware, and techniques, this course dives deep into the wealth of management and troubleshooting capabilities in Cisco ACI. Students will practice on the whole range of operations tools, including configuration management, performance tracking, and troubleshooting. Lots of troubleshooting. During the course, the instructor will inject various faults into the lab fabric, and students will need to apply the lessons of this course to resolve the issues in a live Challenge Lab.

The curriculum is delivered as a Just-In-Time learning, designed to provide company Engineers just what they need to know, just when they need to know it. This is production-focused training, based on battle-tested lessons learned from over 250 production deployments.


Familiarity with Data Center infrastructure operations, familiarity with management of Cisco DC switches, and an understanding of basic network troubleshooting will be necessary before registering for this course.

Plus, completion of one of the following courses:

  • ACI Field Engineer Essentials
  • ACI Field Engineer Implementation
  • Configuring Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches in ACI Mode
  • Or equivalent ACI experience



  • Operationalize and troubleshoot the ACI Fabric
  • Avoid common mistakes and recognize common symptoms
  • Understand APIC and its monitoring, management and troubleshooting capabilities


This course is for Network Engineers and support teams who need to support a Cisco ACI data center network.

Delivery: Interactive Instructor Led Training

Type: Lecture + Hands-On Lab, Live Onsite & Online



Module 0: Introduction

  • Agenda & logistics

Module 1: ACI Overview & Configuration Review

  • Lab Create baseline 3-tier application

Module 2: ACI Configuration Management

  • Installing, upgrading, backing up, and restoring ACI fabric
  • Lab Import/Export
  • Lab Snapshot/Config Rollback

Module 3: Monitoring ACI

  • Always-on and on-demand monitoring tools
  • Exercises Visore, CLI commands, Audit Logs, Traffic Map
  • Lab Configuring Syslog
  • Lab Configuring SNMP

Module 4: Troubleshooting ACI

  • Methodologies, tools and specific examples
  • Exercises iPing, End Point Tracker, Troubleshooting Tool, Contract Drops, Contracts, Traceroute, Atomic Counters
  • Lab Troubleshooting Challenge Labs