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Cisco Partner Training: CSW Implementation


For Cisco and Cisco Partner Teams: CSW Analytics is the platform that discovers and monitors your applications - enabling the Zero Trust Model. This course will introduce technical Sales Teams to CSW, and prepare them to introduce it to their customers' networks. Students will discover, manage and monitor applications on a live lab environment. This Cisco partner training class  is designed for Cisco and Cisco partner teams. A cisco.com or partner email address will be required for attendance.


  • Good grasp of networking concepts
  • Knowledge of Firewall and Load Balancer Principles
  • Fundamental Understanding of Network Protocols
  • Familiarity with the Linux command line
Cisco Partner Training

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  • Describe the components of CSW Analytics
  • Configure CSW for use in a customer environment
  • Install and manage hardware and software agents
  • Understand how to position and sell CSW solutions

  • Conduct automated application dependency mapping
  • Manage and enforce application policies on a live network
  • Describe how to integrate CSW telemetry with operational systems


  • Technical Sales Teams

  • Network Engineers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Solution Architects
  • Systems Integrators
  • Application Owners
  • Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • DevOps Teams



Delivery: Instructor Led Training

Type: Lecture + Hands-On Lab, In-Person Delivery, Live via WebEx 


1: Introduction

2: CSW Overview

  • Lab 0: Accessing the Lab
  • Lab 1: CSW Overview with Security Dashboard

3: Workload Protection Solution Architecture

  • Lab 2: Explore Application & Policy

4: Planning and Development

  • Lab 3: Software Agent Installation

5: Application Dependency Mapping

  • Lab 4: Whitelist Policy Creation using ADM with Software Agents

6: CSW Platform Monitoring

7: Whitelist Policy Enhancement

  • Lab 5 Segmentation Compliance with Policy

8: Whitelist Policy Analysis

  • Lab 6 Compliance Analysis & Policy Change Request

9: Prevention - Before the Attacks

  • Lab 7: Identifying Malware & Vulnerable Hosts
  • Lab 8: Minimizing Attack Surfaces

10: Quarantine and Remediation

  • Lab 9: Vulnerability Quarantine and Remediation

11: Detection - During the Attacks

  • Lab 10: Identifying Network Anomalies
  • Lab 11: Attack Detection and Quarantine

12: Remediation - After the Attacks

  • Lab 12: Security Forensics

13: Alterts & External Integrations

14: Positioning & Competitive

15: CSW Implementation Review