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CSW Engagement Workshop for Security

BTA's Cisco Secure Workload (CSW, formerly Tetration) Engagement Workshop cuts through the hype, focusing on business requirements and real technological capabilities, to deliver actual business benefit and technical expertise. Zero Trust begins here.

The Workshop follows a proven, structured process that starts with Your Business. Any technology decision exists to support the business, so we'll begin by talking with executives and business owners to identify business processes and applications.

Next we'll examine the current IT environment with the Technical Teams: the infrastructure, its processes, and its challenges.

Once the business drivers & technical concerns have been identified, we'll look at CSW. A BTA Architect will discuss CSW's technology & capabilities, but most importantly how those would help you meet your business requirements.


  • Introductions & Agenda Review

  • Executive Priorities

  • Key Line-of-Business Priorities

  • Technical Review

  • Applications

  • Systems & Servers

  • Network

  • Security

  • Cloud (if separate)

  • CSW Overview & Discussion

  • Business & Technical Drivers Review

  • Architecture Review


At BTA we believe that IT Architecture is a Team Sport. To ensure success it's critical that those securing the network know what business needs from the network. The following experts should be available as follows:

  • Executive/CIO/Senior Management: 15-20 minutes

  • Key LoB Representatives: 15-20 minutes

  • Key Application Owners: 60 minutes

  • Systems & Servers: 60 minutes (additional as desired)

  • Network Leads

  • Security Leads

  • Cloud (if separate): 60 minutes (additional as desired)


  • Business Drivers

  • Technical Priorities

  • Initial Scope Design

  • Annotation Plan

  • Initial Segmentation Plan