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In Today’s Complex World of Modern and Hybrid Cloud Networks, Observability is Critical

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Simplify and Automate Operations with our Full Stack  Observability Services


choosing-right-strategyObservability allows you to monitor as well as take action anywhere across the enterprise in a timely manner. This end-to-end visibility gives you insight into the performance of your applications, user experience, and infrastructure by leveraging tools such as Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and management, User Experience Monitoring (UEM), infrastructure optimization, network visibility and monitoring, and security visibility.

Our Full Stack Observability services can help you understand what’s happening in your environment by diagnosing problems faster, enabling faster resolution, and reducing downtime. That means more visibility into the health of your systems, while also identifying changes that may affect performance or availability in real-time, giving you the ability to make better decisions around capacity planning, troubleshooting, monitoring, and security.

Full Stack Observability is a new approach to observability that can make IT teams more productive. It aims to improve the quality and speed of debugging, troubleshooting, and performance analysis by providing a unified view of all domains working together and sharing data across different domains, rather than focusing on individual silos. Furthermore, it helps an organization:


Quickly Respond to System Issues at multiple touchpoints across the globe and enterprise.


Boost Cybersecurity Protection through automation of macro and micro data segmentation.

Deliver a Superior Customer Experience on multiple platforms and systems simultaneously.


Reduce Downtime and Improve Productivity giving you the ability to make real-time decisions around capacity planning, troubleshooting, monitoring, and security.

Our S.I.M.P.L.E. Approach Makes it Attainable. Observability doesn’t have to be painful. At BTA, we use our proven S.I.M.P.LE. methodology to provide the highest quality outcomes in a fraction of the time, so that your organization sees business value faster.


Full Stack Observability Services Your Way

BTA guides you in selecting and implementing the ideal tools and design, aligning seamlessly with your existing toolkit. Our tailored approach facilitates swift deployment of self-service analytics organization-wide. Additionally, we offer comprehensive training for your teams, ensuring proficiency in system operation, troubleshooting, and enhancements. Clients benefit from access to customized tools, scripts, and reports designed to pinpoint issues and achieve their goals.



  • Full Stack Observability Consulting Services will help you choose and deploy the right tools, design, and steps to meet your business objectives. BTA can help your team develop a customized approach that integrates with your existing toolset so you can quickly get started on delivering self-service analytics across the entire organization. We can also train your teams so that they have the skills needed to operate, troubleshoot, and enhance systems over time. Our clients have access to custom-developed tools, scripts, and reports to help them identify and reach their goals.

    • Full Stack Observability (FSO) Design & Build is a complex process that starts with an assessment of the scope of the project. We use our S.I.M.P.L.E. approach to help you define how to map out your FSO solution using best practices. We also identify and proactively address common pitfalls and challenges that may arise during implementation. Working closely with your team, we capture technical details, provide high-level designs, and assist with the project management needed to deploy. We will work with you on every step of the journey, through planning, automation, and configuration—including integration with existing systems.

Our Observability Services also Include:


With AppDynamics, embrace APM (Application Performance Management) at its best. Utilize real-time tracing and profiling to dissect application behavior, identifying performance bottlenecks, and resolving service anomalies swiftly. Actionable analytics, unlocking the full potential of your networking ecosystem.


Intersight provides a unified cloud operations platform, integrating infrastructure monitoring with application insights. Employ its API-driven architecture to correlate data across your stack, enabling proactive resource allocation and streamlined IT management.


Secure Application

This solution provides visibility into your applications and services for vulnerabilities, including information on whether or not the software components have appropriate patches or updates installed. It also scans for weaknesses such as default credentials, weak encryption keys, and other known exploits.

Thousand Eyes

Leverage end-to-end network intelligence with Thousand Eyes. From cloud providers to endpoint devices, gain detailed insights into latency, packet loss, and performance disruptions, ensuring a robust digital delivery chain.

The Buzz on Observability


91% of IT decision makers see observability as a critical need at every stage of the software lifecycle, citing the biggest benefits of proper IT planning and operations.

- New Relic


Advanced observability deployments can cut downtime costs by 90 percent, keeping costs down to $2.5M annually versus $23.8 million for observability beginners.

- Enterprise Strategy Group


Companies that have mastered observability released 60% more products or revenue streams from AppDev teams than observability beginners.

- Enterprise Strategy Group

Ready to Implement the Network Observability You Need to Succeed?