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Implement Scalable & Repeatable IT Processes that Help You Streamline Operations Across the Enterprise

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Leverage Automation Technology to Boost Efficiencies, Lower Costs, and Increase Overall Productivity


Leverage Automation TechnologyEmpowering You to Do More with Less. IT teams are constantly being asked to maximize their efforts to reduce costs across the organization. However, marrying cost to business agility requires automation — and a properly designed IT process automation infrastructure allows existing teams to accomplish more at a faster rate while reducing the risk of manual operations.

Furthermore, process automation services across domains with Multi-Domain Orchestration eliminate organizational silos, speed up service fulfillment, and reduce operational complexity.

BTA approaches automation with two primary goals: scalability and repeatability. Our experienced team can help you connect your SDA, SD-WAN, and SDDC environments for accelerated policy controls in a manner that allows you to scale to the requirements of your organization.

Break Down Barriers and foster open communication between the network, development, and operations teams.

Reduces the Need for Human Intervention in the processes that support feedback loops across development and operations teams. 

Streamline Manual Operations and accelerate infrastructure resource delivery in response to user or business demands. 

Replicate Processes across your environment, allowing you to scale along in line with the requirements of your organization

Our S.I.M.P.L.E. Approach Makes it Attainable. Process Automation doesn't have to be painful. At BTA, we use our proven S.I.M.P.L.E. methodology to provide the highest quality outcomes in a fraction of the time, so that your organization sees business value faster.


Flexible IT Process Automation Services that Meet Your Environment’s Growing Needs



IT Process Automation Consulting & Advisory Services

With our IT process automation consulting services, we will help you devise a roadmap from start to finish – also providing an outlined execution plan that aligns automated process with your business goals. With our testing and launching best practices, you can rest assured that your implementation will be a complete success.

Additionally, we will assist you with predictive analysis, the identification of potential weaknesses, and the formulation of proactive suggestions for areas of improvement.

IT Process Automation Managed Services

Our experienced team operates and maintains the automated systems impacting your customer environment. This includes daily care and feeding, monitoring, routine adjustments/problem resolution, as well as escalation and reporting.

Our IT Process Automation Managed Services follow the same processes and methodologies as consulting and advisory services.

IT Process Automation Project-Based Services

Through our project-based automation services, we offer pre-packaged and customized fixed-scope engagements with precisely outlined deliverables. Regardless of scope, we handle everything, from managing the project to providing mentorship and transferring knowledge to you and your team to ensure you have a positive experience every step of the way.

IT Process Automation Training

Our training courses cut through the hype, focus on business requirements, and provide real technological information that delivers actual business benefits. During each automation training session, we will provide you with operational guidance based on best practices relevant to your industry.

Our Areas of Automation Support


Designed to break down barriers and foster open communication between the network, development, and operations teams, this level of real-time collaboration is made possible through NetDevOps strategy automation.

Our NetDevOps takes an “Infrastructure-as-a-Code” approach to network systems – allowing for agile iterative processes of automated testing, QA, and deployment of changes on the network.

DevOps Automation

Focused on providing iterative upgrades to production applications, this automation effort reduces the need for human intervention in the processes that support feedback loops across development and operations teams.

By fostering a more open and transparent working environment, DevOps automation has improved business performance, boosted employee morale, enhanced the customer experience, and streamlined operations across the organization.

Cloud Automation

On a mission to make it possible for IT and cloud administrators to streamline manual operations and accelerate infrastructure resource delivery in response to user or business demands.

Given our experience in multiple cloud environments, our Cloud Automation efforts are focused on designing a program that helps you reduce errors, free up bottlenecks, and cut costs by optimizing workload distribution between hardware and the cloud.

What’s the Buzz on Process Automation


Of businesses use automation for standardizing or automating daily workflows.


Use process automation for data/reporting and dynamic planning.


Of businesses have fully automated at least one function.

Ready to Implement the Process Automation You Need to Compete in Today’s Marketplace?