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BTA's Starter Pack service is designed to bring up CSW SaaS and provide segmentation value quickly, safely, and securely. Cisco Secure Workload (CSW, formerly Tetration) is the premier Micro-Segmentation & Workload Protection Platform. Its deep and broad capabilities are key components in building and automating a Zero Trust strategy. BTA's years of CSW experience will ensure that you fully realize CSW's full range of security & visibility advantages.

CSW deployment


How does this work?

BTA will work with your team to deploy CSW SaaS agents to your server workloads - on-prem or cloud-based. We'll then build foundational Scope design and Annotation inputs to optimize CSW's application discovery.

After collecting live flow data from your agents, BTA will cooperatively design application enforcement for Core and Custom applications.

  • Core applications are typical rulesets that BTA has developed, based on live field experience, such as DNS, NTP, Active Directory or Jump Host protection.
  • Custom apps would be something unique to your environment.

With these apps secured, we'll start showcasing CSW's extensive reporting capabilities for workload vulnerabilities and open, risky server ports. We'll also build a Flow Report of interesting traffic flows, and for Medium Starter Packs we'll report on MITRE ATT&CK workload forensics. Every engagement includes detailed as-built documentation, and a CSW Foundations course to further enable your team.

Starter Pack Deliverables

  Small Medium Large
Agents 200 500 1000
Scope Design Y Y
Annotations Y Y Y
Enforcements 1 Core, 1 Custom 1 Core, 2 Custom 10
CVE Reports Standard Custom Custom
Attack Surface Standard Custom Custom
Flow Report Y Y Y
Forensics   Y Y
As-Built Y Y Y
Training Mentoring Mentoring 2-day ILT


  • Small: 200 agents, scope design, annotations, 1 core & 1 custom enforcements, standard CVE reports, standard attack surface, flow report, as-built, mentoring
  • Medium: 500 agents, scope design, annotations, 1 core & 2 custom enforcements, custom CVE reports, custom attack surface, flow report, forensics, as-built, mentoring
  • Large: 1,000 agents, scope design, annotations, 10 enforcements, custom CVE reports, custom attack surface, flow report, forensics, as-built, 2-day ILT training

Why BTA?

BTA has been deploying and teaching CSW for years. We have the hands-on experience you need.

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