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Workshops for New Tech

SDN, Cloud, Microsegmentation, Next-Generation “X” – new technologies are full of promise, and challenges. BTA has handled them all. BTA’s Technology Workshops cut through the hype, focusing on business requirements and real technological capabilities, to deliver actual business benefit and technical expertise.

How does this work?

BTA’s Technology Workshops are highly interactive engagements designed to apply new technologies to real business requirements.

There are 2 types: Familiarization Workshops, and Engagement Workshops, and all follow this proven structure:

  1. Align Business and mission objectives
  2. Identify supporting Technology
  3. Architect a solution and adoption plan

Coupled with BTA’s “Always Be Mentoring” philosophy, these Workshops have enabled hundreds of successful new technology implementations.

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Familiarization Workshops

About This Workshop

These are two- to four-hour workshops designed to cut through new technology hype and provide real-world applications to your business requirements. Familiarization workshops provide a comfort level with new technologies, and an understanding of how they can enable business success.

Familiarization Workshops include:

Engagement Workshops

About This Workshop

These are multi-day workshops that deliver actionable assessments, solution designs, and deployment plans. Engagement Workshops go deep, building a comprehensive understanding of your business needs. We’ll then dive into the infrastructure, documenting capabilities, processes & challenges. Business needs drive use cases, which are prioritized according to business value and cost-complexity. Engagement Workshops help
customers build, or validate, their new technology strategy.

Engagement Workshops include:

Why Choose Business Technology Architects for Technology Workshops?

BTA is a pure-services, full-stack Enterprise Networking consultancy. We run expert  practices in Security, Cloud, Connectivity, and Automation. We have the experience you need.

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